Fat Brain Toys is kicking creativity and at-home fun into high gear. 

Jixelz launched last year, and the pixel-perfect puzzle pieces were a huge hit, earning an abundance of five-star reviews from parents (and yours truly). This year, Fat Brain Toys is taking Jixelz to a new level with Jixelz Creator. 

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the new set features 3,000 micro jigsaw pieces in a whopping 20 different colors. Kids can use the 40 reusable templates to make their own puzzle creations, from dancing tacos to Albert Einstein. Kids can follow the template to see where each color goes, and snap the pieces together with ease — no adhesive or ironing required. Everything sticks together until kids want to take their creations apart and start again! 

But here’s where the real fun comes in: Kids can make their own Jixelz templates using the blank templates at the back of the template book. They can use crayons, markers, or pencils (not included) to color in the blank spaces and make their own unique templates to turn into pixel puzzle works of art. It extends the fun in a creative way, and once kids make their templates they can share them with friends of siblings. 

The Jixelz pieces are contained in resealable containers, so parents can rest assured that all of the tiny pieces won’t get lost — and they sure are tiny! This is the perfect activity to break out on a rainy day, or play with between at-home learning lessons. Jixelz Creator is also fully compatible with other Jixelz kits. And, the template pages tear out of the book, so multiple kids can play with Jixelz together at the same time! 

Fat Brain Toys’ latest addition to the Jixelz line features tons of play value and gives kids a fun activity they can complete at home. It also helps with hand-eye coordination, patience, dexterity, and more! So, what are you waiting for? Get Jixelating!