Jam Audio's Transit BudsIt’s no secret that we live in a connected world—and so do our kids. With eyes looking down at smartphones and tablets and earbuds nestled snuggly in our ears on a near constant basis, the accessories to our high-tech devices are just as important as the devices themselves.

While tweens and teens are consistently difficult to buy for, especially with their wish-lists getting more expensive year after year, tech accessories are the perfect companions to the pricey devices these kids likely already own.

Jam Audio’s Jam Transit Buds are innovative, wireless earbuds. That’s right—wireless. No more worrying about a tangled mess when you throw your kids’ headphones into your purse, or worrying about getting the chord stuck in coat zippers, seatbelts, and everything else you can possibly imagine. Not only are they much more convenient for kids, adults, and everything in between, but they also seem safer than standard headphones. Parents can rest assured that if kids fall asleep in the car with the earbuds in during a long carn ride, nothing will get tangled in the wire. Plus, there’s nothing for little ones to trip over or get stuck on.

Jam Audio Transit BudsThese Bluetooth-enabled earbuds connect to mobile devices up to 30 feet away. They are rechargeable, so parents never need to worry about replacing batteries, and the charge lasts up to six hours. Jam Transit Buds fit really comfortably in users’ ears, and they also have ear hooks for added security. Plus, they feature a magnetic connection, so each user can simply hang them around his or her neck and hook them together to make sure they stay in place when not in use.

Users should take care to make sure the buds are stored in a safe place without much contact, as it’s easy to accidentally hit the power button, resulting in dead buds when listening time rolls around. Parents should also keep the charging chord in a safe place, though it’s an easily replaceable standard USB.

The earbuds are available in black, blue, or red, so there’s something to suit every tween looking to rock out to their favorite songs. And, at just $39.99, the Jam Transit Buds are an affordable and long-lasting option for gift-givers.

While these earbuds are more than appropriate for kids, tweens, and teens, they are sure to inspire some jealousy from parents who will want a pair for themselves in no time.