Jakks Pacific’s Disney ily 4EVER collection | Source: Jakks Pacific/the Toy Insider

Kids can finally show just how much they love Disney!

Jakks Pacific launched a brand new collection of dolls inspired by iconic Disney characters. This first wave of the Disney ily 4EVER collection features five 18-inch fashion dolls dressed in modern outfits that emulate Olaf, Cinderella, Tinker Bell, Ariel, and Minnie Mouse.

The dolls come dressed in trendy fashion outfits paired with aspirational accessory packs that give kids a unique and fun way to showcase their own personal sense of Disney style. Jakks Pacific also has plans to continue the line in the future, including the release of dolls inspired by Belle, Tiana, and Snow White.

Jakks Pacific’s Disney ily 4EVER collection features accessories and fashionable outfits | Source: Jakks Pacific

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The Disney ily 4EVER collection was inspired by the popular trend of adult Disney fans wearing character-inspired outfits, most commonly referred to as DisneyBounding. Adult Disney fans have largely been banned from wearing costumes in the parks, leading them to wear outfits inspired by their favorite Disney characters instead. This new doll collection lets kids express their favorite Disney moments by dressing their dolls in character-inspired fashion.

The first wave of the Disney ily 4EVER collection will be released exclusively at Target on August 15. We don’t know which doll to twin with first!