When people ask me what perfume I’m wearing, I can’t wait to tell them it is an original Stephanie scent. Look out, it’ll hit stores soon!

Well, half of that is true. Horizon Group USA’s It’s So Me Signature Scent Studio let’s me be the perfumer and choose unique scents and body shimmers, and even tattoos. The kit comes with everything kids need to create and combine body scents and art, and features an easy-to-use working station. To help inspire them while they get to work, kids can customize their working station with the stickers and decals to add a flair of their personality.

Before perfume chemists-to be start to make different creations, they can set up their working station with all the included accessories. The set includes three fragrance droppers, one heart-shaped perfume dropper, three spray bottles, three plastic pots, two body gel base tubes, five glitter packets, two sticker sheets, three tattoo sheets, a plastic spoon, and a stirrer stick. Kids can use the base perfume scents to adjust and modify the end result to make different creation. The scents include Very Vanilla, Oh So Orange, and Really Raspberry.

To get started, kids place the heart-shaped perfume bottle under the pink funnel. After they choose a scent, they pour it into the purple pot on top of the pink funnel. Kids can mix in different scents and see what surprise scent they will create, and experiment with different combinations until they create just the right aroma. Personally, a splash of Oh So Orange paired with a few drops of Very Vanilla creates an irresistibly sweet, creamsicle aroma.

After kids craft their personal fragrance, they can pour it into one of the sprayer bottles and come up with a unique name for the label. With more than 50 trendy tattoo designs, kids will also have fun as they choose a design that boasts their style, and then take their creativity even further and make a body shimmer that compliments the new scent and body art.

Available this fall, the Signature Scent Studio will keep kids busy for hours as they devote themselves to creating the perfect scent. Once they are ready to debut the finished product to the public, they can proudly strut their new scent and body art.

*Signature Scene Studio will be available this fall.