Construction toys are on the rise lately, with companies cranking out the same classic plastic brick in new sets for both boys and girls.  The standard rectangular, plastic, snap-together bricks have been around for years, but Spin Master is stepping things up with their new construction line: Ionix. At first glance these bricks look like the classic ones we’ve seen time and time again, but Ionix bricks are completely revolutionary. With a few simple movements, the bricks shapeshift into mini figures, action figures, weapons, gear, gadgets, and more.

Tenkai Knights Portal ModeOne of the coolest sets in the Ionix Tenkai Knights series is the 2-in-1 Dimensional Dropship/Portal. Kids ages 8 to 14 can create two separate builds with this 194-piece set. Loaded with multiple shapeshifting bricks, including a light projecting power brick, two fully loaded shapeshifting missile weapon bricks, two projectile launching action bricks, and the exclusive, Guardian Boreas shapeshifting mini-figure, this set features tons of untraditional construction pieces.

When kids build the Dimensional Portal, they open the gateway from Earth to Quarton.  Kids can activate the Tenkai power and use the shapeshifting power brick that contains a real working dimensional transport beam to bring the Tenkai Knights to Quarton for their next epic battle.

Tenkai Knights Dropship ModeOnce kids have had their fun with the Dimensional Portal, they can shapeshift it into the Dropship, a powerful flying aircraft manned by the Tenkai Knights. Take the fight into your own hands by rebuilding the Dimensional Portal into the Dimensional Dropship to launch an aerial attack. Weaponize the Dropship with the included shapeshifting action bricks and take aim with real working crossbows. Kids can also load the undercarriage to launch an aerial attack. Coolest of all, they can activate the real working blue thruster energy beam from the power brick.

The 2-in-1 Dimensional Dropship/Portal is ready for play right out of the box. Kids will be entertained for hours putting this one together (twice!), and they have a super awesome, tech-enhanced toy to play with once the construction is complete. The set even includes three LR41 batteries, so kids can begin playing immediately. While these bricks are different in that they can transform, the entire set is compatible with other construction bricks on the market, so kids can seamlessly add them to their other collections for extended play.