It’s time to go on an adventure — and sing about it the whole way there.

Frozen‘s Queen Elsa feels a song in the air, and it’s up to you to help her fulfill her musical destiny and discover who she is inside. With the “Into the Unknown” Singing Elsa Doll, from Jakks Pacific, kids can celebrate Elsa’s soon-to-be iconic moment from the film sequel at home with this doll based on the upcoming movie.

Elsa comes dressed in a sparkling, purple satin nightgown from the film and has rooted platinum blonde hair tucked into a tight braid down her back. The Frozen 2 doll sings a clip from Elsa’s big breakout number “Into the Unknown” in the film follow-up and says 14 different movie-inspired phrases that prove the cold never bothered this doll anyway. As the character speaks and sings, her beautiful dress is illuminated in a snowflake pattern inspired by the film.

The toddler-sized Elsa doll arrives in a window-box packaging, designed to resemble Elsa’s own ice castle. Once the doll is open, kids ages 3 and up will choose between Elsa’s three modes and set up the doll in their preferred language: Play Mode, Try Me Mode, and Language Selection Mode. You can access these modes via a clearly labeled switch located on the doll’s back.


In play mode, kids can hear Elsa sing, speak, and even role play Elsa’s next great adventure. To hear the doll’s one-of-a-kind voice, kids can press the teal gemstone on her nightgown to activate a button underneath and awaken the song in her heart. As the doll turns on, her dress will light up with a mesmerizing, snowflake-pattern design as it vocalizes iconic, Elsa-inspired lines and solo musical moments worth a standing ovation.

Relive your favorite moments from Arendelle with this posable doll that can stand on its own. The Frozen 2 character comes with a dress, a pair of purple shoes, and a flawless, painted-on makeup look — complete with picture-perfect winged eyeliner worthy of a queen. Her nightgown features a blue skirt with an Arendelle-inspired trim at the bottom and a sheer, sparkly, purple tulle overskirt for enhanced dramatics.

While the doll’s arms are posable to exaggerate and heighten the epicness of the “Into the Unknown” song — sung by Idina Menzel — the doll’s feet are stationary, secured onto the block beneath her dress to help her stand properly. While kids are not able to maneuver their doll into various full-body poses, the Elsa figure is able to stand upright on its own using her block.

With just a brief snippet of “Into the Unknown” played as inspiration, kids will be ready to venture into the unknown and conquer their (and Elsa’s) destinies once they press play.