You’ve never seen a teddy bear go this big before.

Inflate-a-mals, from DGL Toys, are new stuffed animals that are huge, cuddly, lightweight, AND easy to store. When they’re pumped full of air, they become huge, adorable companions for kids.

Each Inflate-a-mal comes with a zipper located on a different part of its body, depending on which animal it is. Unzipping the plush cover reveals an inflatable bag and a nozzle parents can use to blow it up. Pumps are recommended to properly inflate your Inflate-a-mal—otherwise, you’d be wildly out of breath. The bag itself is pretty durable, making Inflate-a-mals ideal for hugs, pillows, and cuddle buddies. Unlike traditional stuffed animals that can be squeezed as hard as one can, inflate-a-mals are rather puffy and have a bit of a bounce to them. Though they are firm and durable, kids should take a little extra care in not squeezing too hard, just in case.

Inflate-a-mals come in all sorts of furry animals, including a horse, which is perfect for imaginative horseback rides. The horse plush is also available in a rainbow unicorn version for those who want things to be a bit more magical.

The giraffe can inflate up to a staggering six feet tall! For those who love to cuddle with a classic teddy, the gigantic teddy bear is perfect for hugging and squeezing.

The best part about these animals is that despite their size, they don’t have to take up that much space. When kids are done playing with them or want to take them along for family getaways, they can quickly deflate, becoming compact and portable until they’re ready to play again.

Inflate-a-mals are the larger than life stuffed animals that kids will love. Their size turns playtime into an epic adventure, and parents and caregivers will love the hassle-free process of deflating them to tuck them away on a shelf or in a drawer. The animals’ plush covers are also machine-washable, so adults can have an easy time keeping them tidy for their kids.

With fun designs, convenient care methods, and huggable fluff, Inflate-a-mals size up to be the perfect puffy pals for any child.