Goal: $25,000
Funding Period: Until March 30
Creator: Frida Matute

Indy and the Farm is a playbox that includes both a book and a puzzle for adults and kids to interact together. Designed for kids 18 months and up, Indy and the Farm is aimed at using the interaction between adults and kids as a tool for learning while also having fun.

The original storybook and matching puzzle center around farm animals and the sounds they make. Together, the set teaches new vocabulary words for kids, as well as different speech sounds and problem-solving skills. Many of the words in the book are written so that adults read the vowel sounds in an elongated way, encouraging kids to mimic and learn.

Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $6,000 and prizes include T-shirts, Indy and the Farm playboxes, PDF learning bundle, sticker sets, coloring books, workshops, private two-hour playdate, party for children and friends, and a home video of the party.

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