Kids can open up their endless imaginations and design their very own theme park — all from the comfort of their living room!

Walt Disney Imagineering (the people who build the parks) partnered with the Khan Academy and Pixar in order to create Imagineering in a Box — a series of interactive lessons that teach kids how to engineer their own theme park with 32 videos, real-world case studies, and activities.

Families can learn together about how Walt Disney World and other Disney parks were created. Hint: It involves a whole lot of science, technology, engineering, and math — and a dash of magic.

Imagineering in a Box is divided into three lessons that teach kids about creating worlds in storytelling and bringing those worlds into a theme park. Families will need at least two hours per lesson, so it’s perfect for a treat after school work is done throughout the week. Parents can find more info on the world of possibilities here.