We all scream for Iscream’s Icee Machine!

Summer is almost here and kids are itching to get outdoors again. They can make the hot days even cooler with this Icee Machine. It takes a childhood classic and brings it straight to your outdoor party or even your countertop.

The most important thing to note with this machine is that you need to follow the directions in order for it to work perfectly. For that reason, it’s probably better to do it as a family activity rather than letting kids do it on their own. The machine comes with easy-to-read instructions and a list of eight top tips for making the perfect slushies. I would recommend adding top tip No. 9: plan ahead.

For one thing, you’ll need plenty of ice (I used a large bowl full). It’s also recommended to chill the syrup and water mixture (yum!) for about two hours in the fridge, and stick the ice canister in the freezer for an hour before getting started. These Icees aren’t a spur-of-the-moment decision like their gas station counterparts, but they’re much more fun to make yourself!

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One benefit of this at-home machine is that kids can actually learn about the science behind creating the summertime treat. One of the most important steps in the creation process is putting ice and salt into a canister. This canister spins around on the inside and the water mixture spins around outside of it. Simply put, if ice melts from warm air, it too gets warmer. If it melts due to salt, that actually pushes down the water’s freezing point, making it colder (Write that down and tell the kids!). The freezing mixture makes the water and syrup combo colder to the point where it’s icy cold yet still drinkable — the perfect slushie combination.

The Icee machine after filling two glasses. | Source: the Toy Insider

It takes about 15-25 minutes for this combo to occur, depending on how warm the room you’re using it in is. For example, if you are mixin’ up your slushies outside in the hot sun it could take up to 40 minutes. When the mixture starts forming peaks, it’s reached the perfect consistency. At that point, you can turn on dispensing mode and pour out that refreshing beverage! It makes a little more than two large glassfuls and you’ll need to wait about 15 minutes before creating the next round.

The machine itself is retro and cool. It looks great on a countertop or as the centerpiece of a beverage table at a party. It does emit a loud sound when mixing, but you can turn on some party tunes and all will be well.

It doesn’t come with any syrup, so you’ll have to grab that separately. Luckily, Iscream sells several different flavors. I chose to drink the blue raspberry flavor — something about it being not a fruit readily available in nature has a big appeal to me. It tasted exactly as sugary and sweet as the Icees I remember drinking every summer as a kid.

This Icee Machine is a welcome addition to anyone’s summer plans. Parents can also pick up various accessories for the machine and other cool Icee products from Iscream.