With this board game, the kiddos get to put their game faces on—and put their faces on the game! Get ready for a personalized game board experience, as well as a friendly and scenic race around the U.S.

I See Me!, an online retailer that creates personalized books and gifts for children, entered the board game biz with the introduction of  Our Family’s Race Across the U.S.A. Personalized Board Game. In this board game, players race across the country via car, in hopes of being the first person to pass through the finish line. But along the way, players may discover some shortcuts that let them advance or some road bumps that slow them down.

Seems like a your typical board game, eh? Well, except for the fact that your face has been made into a game piece. That’s right, you’re playing as yourself!

It works like this: When you order your game online at iseeme.com, you also provide the names and pictures (selfies work the best!) of your family members. You can receive up to six personalized game pieces. Then, after placing your order, the folks at I See Me! will work their magic, incorporating your family member’s names into the game board artwork and creating character pawns like this: 

Adorable right? But take your Snapchat stories and pictures with your pawn another time—there’s no time for dillydallying. It’s time to hit the road and the last one there to make it to the finish line (in Washington, D.C.) is a rotten egg!

To get those engines running, you draw cards to advance around the game board. Draw a card with an orange space and advance to the nearest orange-colored space on the board. Draw a card with two blue spaces and advance to the second nearest blue space. But cross your fingers you don’t land on a square with a black dot—that means it’s time to fill up the ol’ gas tank and lose a turn. Or, if you land on the same space as another player, you two will both lose a turn as you stop for lunch. Most importantly, beware of the picture cards; they could either make or break you. Once drawn, the player must move to the space that matches the picture, which may bring one closer or farther away from the finish line (Hope you don’t draw a palm tree card!).

Along their game board travels, kids will pass by the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, New York City, the Liberty Bell, and other unique areas around the U.S. Bonus: Kids get the opportunity to learn about the the country’s geography and famous landmarks as they play.

In the end, no matter who comes in first place or who comes in last (and well, I’m just saying this because I conquered in this game), it’s still a fun game that brings the family together to assume their roles as character pawns. Not only is it a new addition to the game shelf, but also a valuable family keepsake.

Not into the road trip theme? I See Me! also offers My Very Own Fairy Tale, My Very Own Trucks, and My Very Own Christmas personalized matching games.