The winter can be so drab, and by February, the novelty and beauty of snow can wear off. The kids are antsy and the promise of fresh snow is met with dread. So, how can you make the next snow day a fun day? Consider making snow cream.

Snow cream recipe
Snow cream is an alternative to ice cream. If you have ever made ice cream, you know that you make it with salt, ice, and cream. For snow cream, you will need snow, milk, and sugar. To make about four servings, you need eight cups of snow. Fresh snow is best, but if you don’t get around to making it right away, you can make it up to a couple of days later. Just get the snow under the first inch as the top layer of snow will have dirt and the like.

Put the snow into a bowl, add one cup of sugar (more or less to taste), one tablespoon of vanilla and two cups of milk and mix together until creamy. You can add flavors like peppermint oil or cocoa powder, or ingredients like M&Ms, crushed candy canes, or chocolate chips.

With simple ingredients, kids can get involved in helping to make it, so have fun during the next snow day!

Charlene DeLoach is a senior member of the Toy Insider Parent Advisory Panel. She writes at and She has two children: a 4 year old boy and a 18 month old girl.