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Kids come home with so much artwork from school. So. Much. Artwork! If you’re a parent, grandparent, or caretaker, I don’t have to remind you.

Yes, grandparents. We’re talking to you, too, because you’re getting the overflow of elementary school artwork that we just don’t have room for. Enjoy that clay ashtray (or whatever it is) even though no one smokes.

Here are four ideas on how you can preserve that artwork for years to come. (Hello, embarrassing wedding day displays!)

kids drawing

1. Frame the Best Artwork

Yes, we know. ALL of their artwork is the best you’ve ever seen and you’ll treasure it always. However, we also know that we all have our favorites.

Buy a few cheap picture frames and watch their eyes light up as together you choose your favorite pieces to frame in the living room or hallway. You could also scan and create a thumbnail image of some of your favorite pieces to create a framed collage of their best work.

2. Create a Hardcover Photo Book

There are dozens of websites, such as Shutterfly, that take your photos or scans of your child’s artwork and transform them into an amazing, printed keepsake.

A hardcover photo book is a great idea for when they’re older, and it will last much longer than a pile of papers. With a Shutterfly referral code, you’ll get a free book to start your collection. Shutterfly even has a design service that will create the book for you in three business days for an extra $9.99, which is well worth the cost if you’re not tech savvy.

3. Create a One-of-a-Kind Stamp Collection

Did you know that you can upload any image to create a totally legal U.S. Postal Service-approved stamp? Upload a few (or a few dozen) images of your child’s artwork to the U.S. Postal Service site and use them for holiday and birthday cards, college care packages, or just collect them in a stamp book.

4. Create a New Friend

Budsies can take your child’s drawing of their favorite character and send you a likeness in the form of a stuffed animal. Whether it’s an original drawing, a likeness of their favorite pet, or even a self-portrait, Budsies will send a stuffed animal version of the drawing to your child in six to eight weeks.

Let us know in the comments below how you plan to archive your child’s artwork!