Hot Wheels Massive Loop Mayhem Track Set | Source: Mattel

It’s not a real race without an epic Hot Wheels crash! With terrifying crash zones and the tallest loop ever on a Hot Wheels track, the Massive Loop Mayhem Track Set from Mattel features cars rolling up and down the track at speeds kids won’t believe! Racers can never tell exactly when cars will fly off the track and flip in midair, making the toy ideal for kids ages 5 and up who love anticipating chaos.

The Massive Loop Mayhem Track Set sends cars flying high around its 28-inch-wide loop. Racers can see all the action up close thanks to transparent sections of the track and crash zones, even when the cars are upside down. The blue-and-orange tracks feature two passageways for cars to travel down. There’s even a parking deck at the very top of the loop that kids can place up to six cars to wait for their turn on.

The more cars kids add to the set, the more likely a crash is bound to happen. Kids can practice using the set safely with the included car, or purchase even more Hot Wheels cars separately to make multiple cars race around the track.

Racers can load each toy car in between the rumbling slam launcher in the center of the track, then launch them down the track in milliseconds like a rocket! Kids can choose their favorite race cars and compete to see which one will crash out of the race first. The excitement of seeing how fast the cars go, watching the crashes, and testing new race strategies can keep kids occupied for hours, especially if playing with a sibling or friend.

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Parents will definitely need to assist in the building of the loop. The set also requires a pack of D batteries and a screwdriver. Make sure you have a designated area to build and store the track to keep the flying cars contained in a space where they won’t break anything.

The thrill of the Massive Loop Mayhem Track Set will keep kids coming back for more as their Hot Wheels collection continues to grow!