Slimy, gooey craft kits are all the rage right now, with kids obsessing over the satisfying feeling of playing with slimy solutions.

Horizon Group updated its range of SLIMYGLOOP products for kids to create even more SLIMYGLOOP solutions to squeeze and squish.

Kids can choose from a variety of new Make Your Own SLIMYGLOOP themes, such as Bubble Pop, Fluffy Cloud and more, to mix new surprises inside colorful slimy compounds.  In typical SLIMYGLOOP fashion, kids can combine the included ingredients to create a squishy, stretchy slime and add fun colors or accessories to embellish the slimy creations.

Kids can follow the simple instructions and combine the included ingredients into an oozing, gooey slime compound. The kits include everything your young science whiz will need to make stretchy slime, except water and cups or bowls to separate each step’s mixture. With the Bubble Pop kit, kids can add the colorful expanding water beads, which will expand when immersed in water. With the Fluffy Cloud mix, instant snow (made with included powder and dissolved water) can be added. Both mix-in accents can be folded into the slimy mixture little by little. Once the fake instant snow or other embellishments are added, the slime becomes a more solid compound for satisfying tactile play.

SLIMYGLOOP takes approximately 30 minutes to make, with little waiting. Then, comes the fun part: Playing with the slime! Kids will enjoy squeezing, stretching, and squishing the satisfying slime mixture. With some kits—the Fluffy Cloud in particular—while playing, the remaining snow mixture will rub off on your hands, so be sure to clean up once play time is over—but, honestly, when will that be? This slime is so satisfying to touch, feel, squeeze, and pull apart, your kids won’t want to put it down.

With SLIMYGLOOP Mix’EMS, kids can focus on the play part of slime days, using pre-made slime and several mix-ins to combine. The line ofSLIMYGLOOP Mix’EMS now includes new themes, like Tropical Punch, Sweet Shoppe, Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake, Cupcake Surprise, and Shark Attack. Each package includes pre-made SLIMYGLOOP, a variety of three mix-in embellishments, and a reusable container. Pre-made slime= faster squishy fun and less mess!

Another new SLIMYGLOOP product is the SLIMYGLOOP SqueezWiches, which contain everything kids need to make their own stackable, squishy, food-themed play sandwiches, oozing with SLIMYGLOOP compound in the middle. Each set features two play food pieces, pre-made slime, and a variety of different embellishments to mix in. It is available in themes such as Rainbow Waffle, Galaxy PB&J, Sneeze Burger, Unicorn Pizza, Diamond Doughnut, and Confetti Ice Cream Sandwich.

To begin, much like SLIMYGLOOP Mix’EMS, add mix-in embellishments into the pre-made slime. Fold the glittery contents into the slime until it is well mixed, and then layer your gooey slime concoction in between the two toy food pieces. Squish and squeeze together the slimy sandwich and watch the gooey slime gush and ooze over and over again. However delish and real these SqueezWiches look, neither the play food nor the SLIMYGLOOP are edible.

SLIMYGLOOP provides kids with a variety of slimy play patterns, from DIY slime to pre-made slime to imaginative toys that incorporate slime. Best of all: there’s no shortage of stretchy, gooey goodness.