Good guys and bad guys have at least one thing in common: cool cars.

Jada Toys‘ Hollywood Rides line of collectibles brings to life some of the most iconic vehicles from your favorite franchises, including Marvel, DC, Transformers, and Ghostbusters. These metal die-cast replicas provide fans with high-end collectibles at an incredible value, starting at just $19.99.

Each 1:24 scale collectible vehicles features an opening hood, doors, and trunk. Most also come with a Metals Die-Cast figure, which feature awesome painted details and iconic character poses. However, because the figures do not feature any articulation, they are meant to stand on display next to the cars, rather than inside them.

Fans can choose from iconic rides such as Batgirl’s 1957 Chevy Corvette, complete with a metallic plum paint job and copper rims. Transformers fans will drool over Bumblebee as the 1977 Chevy Camaro. In place of a die-cast figure, this car comes with a collectible transformers coin, depicting Bumblebee’s face.

Deadpool’s Taco Truck is perfect for the antihero, complete with flames adorned on the sides and two opening sunroofs. And for those who feel more villain than hero, there’s Poison Ivy and the 1953 Chevy Bel Air, complete with a bright green paint job and deep orange roof. The bombshell figure comes complete with a thick green vine twisting up her body.

With 37 total car and figure combinations to choose from, Jada has something for every type of fan. The retro cars are my personal favorite, sparking those familiar feelings of nostalgia, but all are truly worth collecting.

The vehicles have a substantial weight to them, and the paint on each is intensely shiny, even a bit sparkly in some cases, much like a coat of paint on a brand new car. Even the packaging is a thing to be admired, and you may want to consider buying multiples: one to take out and display, one to forever leave inside the box.

Each is perfectly reminiscent of the character it represents, providing fans with a perfect new collectible to add to their collections. The only trouble you’ll have is choosing which to get.