Sure, Girl Scout cookies are good and all (I could really use a couple dozen Thin Mints right now), and yeah, Eagle Scout badges are impressive, but The Squirrel Club is where it’s really at.

Go on adventures with a hippo, an octopus, a crocodile, a rhino, and a mouse? Earn badges—and hugs—from a big fluffy brown dog named Duggee? Hang out in a clubhouse with an elevator and a secret trap door? Sign. Me. Up.

Based on the Nick Jr. show Hey Duggee, the Hey Duggee Squirrel Clubhouse Playset, from Jazwares, is the cool place to be for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2 and up. The play set is modeled after the clubhouse from the show, with three stories and six rooms full of different activities for kids to play, make friends, and earn badges.

It comes with plastic objects to place in the rooms, such as furniture, a chalkboard, a slide, a set of lockers that open, and more. Figurines of Duggee, the adventurous doggo that leads The Squirrel Club, and his pet cat, Enid, are also included. There’s a working elevator platform that moves up and down so Duggee doesn’t have to walk, and a secret trap door so kids can drop him like it’s hot off the third floor if they’re feeling sassy.

There’s a display badge that kids can attach to the bulletin board, and even a “tidy up badge” that parents will love, instructing little ones to run around the room scooping up all their toys like a vacuum to put them in a neat pile.

The play set itself makes for easy clean up—the whole clubhouse closes shut, and it has a little handle so kids can take it on the go. Even when the set is closed, the outside is decorated like the facade of The Squirrel Clubhouse with see-through windowpanes and a set of doors that really open. No detail is forgotten!

Fans and friends of Peppa Pig may find this play set a tad familiar as the style and accessories look pretty similar to the popular Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Home. Both are made by Jazwares so it’s very possible that Peppa and Duggee have the same architect down in their Nick Jr. hood.

Let’s all head to The Squirrel Club, where there’s always an adventure, and a friend, around the corner. Maybe Duggee has some tricks up his sleeve to make cookies that are even better than Thin Mints. Either way, kids will love spending time in this whimsical hideaway. Scout’s honor.