If your kid has ever expressed the desire to do twists and jumps on a skateboard, this toy might just be the perfect compromise to prevent gnarly accidents.

The Ring Racer, by Hexbug, lets kids ages 8 and up race cylindrical robots on a ramp of their own creation. The robots are charged via USB with a provided chord and then they’re ready to rock and roll all over the track. The track comes in two different styles of connectable pieces, allowing kids to piece it together in whatever twisty and turny ways they choose.

Instead of being limited by forward and backward movements typically seen with remote control toys, the rotating rings spin off in all directions, jump up, flip, and bounce all over the track. Each control only has four buttons so it’s a bit of a surprise what the fun bots will do until you get the hang of their movements. The great thing about this toy is how portable it is. While it’s most fun playing with the ramps to do epic tricks, the bots are still fun to play with on the table, and if you have a little bit of space to carry some ramp pieces, they can all fit comfortably in a bag. Going on a trip to Grandma’s house? These guys are a fast and portable way to keep the kids entertained.

Even parents (or Grandma) can have fun playing with the Ring Racer. It’s up to players to decide if they want to race, do tricks, or battle each other, which provides kids with an outlet for their creativity while they think of unique and new ways to play the game. Kids can even think of fun names for the tricks they discover while playing. This is the modern version of mini skateboards with an electronic twist and we’re digging it. The Ring Racer comes out in July at Amazon and Target so keep your eyes peeled for this trendy gadget.