The first thing that appealed to me about Delta Children‘s Lil’ Drive Walker is how adorable it is. Put your toddler into this little car and he or she is ready to cruise! There are a Delta Children Driver Walkerslot of activities featured on this walker that allow a baby to feel like a big kid, getting ready to zoom off. As Henry—10 months old—demonstrates here, baby can pull the shifter to rev the engine and turn the steering wheel for pretend driving fun. Henry loves the cause and effect of spinning the ball to trigger lights and sounds. The tray is removable, so kids can enjoy the activities even when they’re not on the go.

The Lil’ Drive Walker can be adjusted to three different heights, so the walker can grow with the child. Parents will also appreciate that the volume can be lowered for quieter play. Perhaps most importantly, there is a safety stopper to prevent the walker from being able to fall down stairs.

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