Cruise in Style with the Hello Kitty Car

Every kid needs a cool ride, right?

When I was a kid, I was so envious of the kids cruising around the block in their Barbie Jeeps. Man, they were the coolest. Or so I thought.

This year, Dynacraft has the most enviable ride out there, the Hello Kitty Car. This adorable car that’s shaped like the favorite character herself will make kids feel like they are cruising around in style.

The Hello Kitty Car is absolutely adorable. The front of the car features Hello Kitty’s cute face with two ears that pop up at the top. The white car contrasted with the hot pink interior is fabulous for fans who already love the brand. Plus, the details are amazing, from the door handles that are replaced with little pink bows to the license plate that reads “Hello Kitty.” This car is not only super cute and shaped like Hello Kitty herself, but kids can also get a hands-on, role-play driving experience with features such as a steering wheel with a real working horn.

Ever the fashionista, Hello Kitty is sporting her iconic bow—and even better, this bow lights up! Kids can add a little extra flair to their ride by hooking their music up to the MP3 input and loudspeakers (because, let’s be real, what’s a road trip without the perfect playlist?).

Parents will also feel safe as their kids cruise around with their feline friend. This car maxes out at 2.5 mph, so that kids can’t zoom off too quickly. The contoured comfy seats have adjustable safety straps.

Hello Kitty fans will love driving around the neighborhood in this fun ride, and parents can rest easy that they’ve got a safe, quality product for their kids to enjoy. Now, if only they made these in actual car sizes, amiright?



Manufacturer: Dynacraft
MSRP: $229.99

5 Responses to “Cruise in Style with the Hello Kitty Car”

  1. jessica marinaccio

    my daughters have been asking for a ride on toy and plays music wow

  2. Karen Laird

    I love it! My 6yr old has loved Hello Kitty since she was 1 (her first party was hello kitty) love that they made a cool car to honor her 🙂

  3. Karen Laird

    My daughter has loved hello kitty & cars since she was one. She is about to turn 7 and this is her dream. Love that you made a cute dream car.

  4. Radha Muruganandam

    The gift that will whoa! the kids … Great quality and great fun!


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