It’s no secret that keeping secrets is fun. Just think Patrick’s jubilation when he hid that embarrassing photo of SpongeBob at the Christmas Party in his secret box. The inner machinations of his mind may be an enigma, but his thinking was clear here: Some things are just better kept under lock and key.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Spin Master’s new Hatchimals Secret Scene Playset is poised to become kids’ best-kept secret. At the surface, this play set is nothing more than a colorful egg. But inside lies a hidden Hatchimals world for kids to explore. There’s even  an exclusive Hatchimals Colleggtible included, so kids can add it to their collection.Beaming springtime charm, the Hatchimals Secret Scene playset looks like an egg beautifully overrun by flowers. But unbeknownst to many, a glittering garden exists inside. To unveil the hidden oasis, kids can pull forward the frontmost flower petal, and then watch as the top flower rises up like the sun in the morning sky. Should kids decide to share the secret world with their most trusted confidants, this mechanical feature will make the reveal even more exciting.Little ones can open the sides of the egg to expand the set, revealing as many as 15 different places to play and display their most prized Colleggtibles. They can take a ride down the slide, spin on the merry-go-round, relax on the swing, or perch on top of the flower petals. When they’re done playing, kids can openly display their collection on a bedroom dresser or shelf, or close it up to keep their Hatchimals world a secret that only they know.  

There are three themed sets for kids to discover, including Bubblegum Bloom, Lala Lavender, and Sunshine Sparkle, each with an adorable Hatchimals Colleggtible to match. To determine which one they have, kids can hold their egg up to the light and look through the flower. Inside, they will see a glittery preview of the surprises inside.

Good luck not showing this Hatchimals hideaway off to your friends, kids.