The Hatching Continues with Hatchimals Colleggtibles


Something new is hatching.

Spin Master’s interactive Hatchimals were the hottest toy of the year in 2016, selling out at all retailers before Christmas. The magical hybrid animals garnered the attention of millions of kids, thanks to their ability to hatch themselves out of their own eggs.

This year, kids can experience the mysterious hatching fun in a new way with Hatchimals Colleggtibles, which are Shopkins-sized Hatchimals figures packaged in purple speckled eggs.

Compared to original Hatchimals, Colleggtibles are much smaller and don’t feature any interactivity. While these collectible characters don’t hatch themselves, kids can hatch them by breaking open the eggs to reveal the hidden characters.


Each Colleggtible is a surprise. Kids can rub the purple heart until it turns pink, and then their Hatchimal is ready to hatch! Kids can break open the egg to reveal the fun surprise!

Season One features 72 characters to collect in 13 different categories, including Forest, Farm, and Savannah. There’s even a Limited Edition Cloud Cove category, featuring six collectibles, including a pig, a lion, and more. Each Colleggtible is super bright with endearing features, like winking eyes and giggly smiles. Kids can try to collect common, rare, ultra rare, and the aforementioned limited edition characters.

From lime green snails to blue and yellow tigers to pastel koalas, there are so many different Hatchimals to discover. Every Hatchimals Colleggtible even features a pair of sparkly silver wings.

Spin Master_Hatchimals_Colleggtibles4pack

Cracking open an egg totally beats ripping open a plastic blind bag, and kids will love rubbing the hearts to get their Hatchimals ready to hatch. Kids can choose from single packs, two-packs, five-packs, or even a whole carton of Colleggtibles. The two-packs also come with a nest to cradle the eggs or figures once they hatch.

Starting at just $2.99, Hatchimals Colleggtibles combine the hatching fun of Hatchimals with the mysterious excitement of collectibles and blind bags. A sure hit for grade-school kids, this new spin-off will allow kids to hatch a whole new world of fun.



Manufacturer: Spin Master
MSRP: $2.99-$9.99

60 Responses to “The Hatching Continues with Hatchimals Colleggtibles”

  1. Cynthia Halliwell

    we have about 60 colleggtibles total some from all four seasons. i will be buying the complete guide but in the mean time is there any other way to figure out where and what familky they come from aside from the usual “look at the paper that comes with it” and what do the numbers on the bottom of each one represent.? ps…..My daughters adore them ALL and most recently received their very own electronic hatchimal,,,,a pandor and a bunwee….OH AND …….since getting these newest cutsie critters my HUSBAND has now decided these are the coolest little things ever and has begun policing there usuage and where abouts regularly so the girls dont lose them or ruin them…..( lol their shopkins too)

  2. My grandbaby has a tree house with a slide, swing, merry go round and an elevator that hatches them. She absolutely loves it

  3. The purple heart will not turn pink been rubbing FOREVER! Kids disappointed got tired of trying to get them to hatch moving on to other gifts. $20 for the 1 dozen Hatchimal Colleggtibales and they don’t work waste of money 😟

    • Marissa DiBartolo

      The heart changes color with heat! Warm hands help. But, you can also hatch them even if the hearts don’t turn pink! Just push your thumb right through, no problem!

    • Olivia

      If u keep it in a very warm place like under your leg or put a hair dryer on it the heart will turn pink eventually and then press it in u can also buy a toy that hatches them for u

  4. That hatchimal that nobody can name is an exclusive from the 12 pack its name is flamingos come on dudes

  5. We have many of the collectibles, we hatched a penguin w pink glitter wings! It’s not on the check list. How can we get more info? We do have the reg silver sparkle penguin also. Ty

  6. My granddaughters LOVE them! (So, it doesn’t much matter what I think!) I will ONLY pay the original price though as they are certainly not worth the outrageous price gouging. They are adorable!

  7. Jessica Dones

    Is there any way we can by the complete collection at once? Like bulk buy?

  8. Nicole

    How do you find out what the characters names are? Or what it is? My daughter got one that kinda looks like a panda but like looks like a bear.

    • I have 6 hatchables I cant fine on the list my 4 year old loves to collect them

    • Donot buy online! The market inflation is absolutely criminal. I purchased 5 units fromWalmart last night at less than $10 per package. Peopleare taking advantage of a trend and it is disgusting.

  9. melvin white

    these are already on ebay? how? are people getting them at toy fair and selling them? Its april I thought they were releasing in may? and they are being sold by the same sellers with several listings.

  10. Twotone

    How are these already hitting eBay if they don’t come out until may? Toy fair maybe? I got two two packs for my niece just in time for Easter

  11. Amanda

    Why couldn’t these be out before Easter would have made a killing I’ve been trying to find out when they were coming out and I was like I’m sure just before Easter but may is too late now I have no excuse to give my husband as to why we need more toys…should have released before easter


    that’s great but may is too late for easter baskets this year

  13. When will the colleggtibles be available to purchase? My 4 year old found them on youtube and cant wait to get some!! Thanks youtube ?


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