Ali Mierzejewski’s #MyMashUp Captain Thulk!

Hasbro‘s new Marvel Super Hero Mashers action figure line features favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Villains with completely interchangeable parts and accessories, so kids can create their own ridiculous and silly Marvel universes. With more than 20 unique Marvel Super Hero Mashers characters planned to be released this year, there are tons of ways for kids to mix and match them all.

These action figures are so cool because they switch up your average Marvel heroes. Kids can create their own unique heroes with all kinds of different strengths and powers in order to defeat the unique villains they have also built. You can build a hero with Captain America’s torso, The Hulk’s legs, Spider-Man’s arms, Iron Man’s helmet, and Thor’s hammer to create the ultimate Avengers superhero. However, if your kids are a bit more traditional, they can also use these these figures to build the traditional heroes and recreate their favorite scenes from the comic books, movies, or TV show.

Suer Hero Mashers are perfect for kids and collectors alike and are a lot of fun to build. The pieces easily snap together so your hero, villain, or both don’t fall apart during battle. The Super Hero Mashers Battle Upgrade Action Figures Assortment will also be available this year. These figures each come with multiple Battle Gear pieces, including a launching missile, for even more combinations. There is also a line of Super Hero Mashers Electronic Action Figures available, which also include a light-up piece.