Get ready for a party!

The official To All the Boys sequel hits Netflix streams next week, and to celebrate, Hasbro brought Lara Jean and her hatbox to life in a brand-new party game.

Kids ages 14 and up will pass notes, answer movie-related questions, and reveal secrets in the card game — similar to how LJ’s love letters were exposed in the first flick. Players will draw three different types of cards: Would You Rather, The Truth Hurts, and Return to Sender. Each card poses a different romance-themed question for players to secretly answer on slips of paper. Then, players discreetly hide their answers in Lara Jean’s Box of Secrets, which is modeled after the teal hatbox from the movie. Questions include “Where did your first kiss take place,” which player is the “best at making bad decisions,” and would you rather “receive a love letter from Peter Kavinsky or John Ambrose.”

Once all of the responses have been collected in the hatbox, players will take turns guessing who said what. For each correct guess, players will collect a personality token. The first person to collect six tokens wins the game. Once players earn enough tokens, they can match the color on the tokens to a key card and find out which character they are most like.