Ham sits on the yellow chair, overseeing her diner.

Today I took a little day trip with a new furry friend I met at the toy store.

Her name is Ham—she’s a hamster who lives in Hamtasia (a.k.a. Hamster World). She’s slightly bigger than a ping pong ball, patterned like a pink glittery candy cane, and being hungry isn’t a feeling for her, it’s part of her personality (precisely why we’re friends!). She zooms, scoots, buzzes, and scurries all around trying to find food. She has the stamina of our little humans post-pixie stick consumption—I literally can’t keep up with this one! Ham’s got places to go and is always on the move. If you’re trying to get a good workout in, place her on the floor and she’ll zoom away—now go catch her! The best thing about her is she doesn’t poop and can take care of herself like a strong independent hamster (PSST. if the kids want a real hamster, just get them one of these TBH).

Ham was created by the folks of at ZURU and is a part of the Hamsters in a House Food Frenzy line. She’s battery operated, has a soft furry exterior, and has little bristles on her bottom, that help her move fast and swiftly. Ham has a bunch of friends in Hamtasia—Honey, Crumbs, Pepper, Swirl, Chip, Roxy, Swirl, Frostie, Nibbles, Sundae, and Scoops. They are all hungry little hamsters always on-the-go.

Ham took me to her diner, Ham’s Burger Diner, today. Let’s just say this diner is the epitome of “fast food.” I ordered at a drive-thru with Ham and then she scurried away, racing around the flat and smooth surfaced circular track. My burger and drink came down a slide and landed in a cart. Ham then nudged the cart with her little nose and pushed the cart over to me. I sat down at a table outside with an umbrella in the shade. Ham continued to zip all around her dinner. Ham told me she built her diner and assembly took less than 5 minutes—not too shabby! The service was great.

While Ham is the only hamster included in set, her friends can be purchased separately to hang. Inside the instruction book that came with Ham’s Diner, there are mini profiles of all the hungry little hamsters so kids can get to know the others a little better. While Ham’s Burger Diner is the hot spot to grab some grub, Hamtasia has some other popular gathering places that are sold separately. There’s the Cupcake Shop, Supermarket, Hamster House (a residential facility), and Ultimate Hamster House (a deluxe residential facility). Much like Ham’s Burger Diner, these sets are fun facilities where hungry hamsters can congregate and play.

Had a great day in Hamtasia and really enjoyed watching Ham zoom around her play facility. C’mon down and bring the kids to Hamtasia!