Every year the holidays seem to come earlier and earlier. Reindeer displays push pumpkins to the side and golden glitter takes over the cobwebs that are supposed to be lining the shelves this time of year.  But October 31 deserves its day in the shadows sun. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween year-round not limited to eating your body weight in candy. Below are some of our favorite toys and games for all your tricks and treats.

Addams Family Plush (Cuddle Barn)

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, and they’re available on Amazon. These spooky adorable plush characters come in three different sizes. The 13- and 6-inch versions are available in Wednesday, Pugsly, Gomez, and Morticia. Or, Addams Family fans can snag a walking 9-inch Wednesday or Fester. All of the plush play the classic theme song — *snap snap.*

Ages: 3+, $9.99 – 33.99

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Nightmare Before Christmas Puppets (Folkmanis)

Is it a Christmas movie? Is it a Halloween movie? Who cares! Celebrate The Nightmare Before Christmas anytime, anywhere with these incredible puppets from Folkmanis. Jack Skellington is a whopping 6 feet tall but handles with ease thanks to gloves on its hands and straps on its feet. And no Halloweentown hero would be complete without his sidekick, so Zero is available as well. He has a light-up nose, moveable mouth, and a ghostly fabric to add to the spooky factor. 

Ages: 3+, $53.99 – $159.99

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Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak (Wow! Stuff)

Are there too many trick-or-treaters on your porch and you’re looking for a way to disappear? Look no further. Simply cover yourself with the this magical cloak from Wow! Stuff and you’re gone. The Invisibility Cloak comes with an app you can use to appear to disappear, just like Harry Potter

Ages: 8+, $59.99 – $69.99

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Nightmare on Elm Street Hollywood Rides (Jada Toys)

No Halloween list could be complete without naming something from one of the original nightmare-inducing movies. The 1958 Cadillac Series 62 figure will have you screaming, “don’t fall asleep!”

Ages: 17+, $19.99

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Family Shark Costumes (Rubie’s Costume Co.)

Speaking of nightmares… This Halloween, embrace the song you just cannot get out of your head. These costumes inspired by the Pinkfong Baby Shark phenomenon come in sizes to fit the whole family (yes, even your dog). There’s a sound chip included in each costume to play the song however many times it takes to truly go insane. 

Ages: All, $14.99 – $36.99

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Nintendo Switch (Nintendo)

Sometimes Halloween means bringing out your courage. When Luigi’s dream vacation turns into a nightmare, he realizes that he’s the only hope to save Mario and friends from the evil King Boo! Race through floors of the haunted hotel as either Luigi or Gooigi — his slimy green doppelganger. Solve mysteries, fight ghosts, and put on your brave face.

Ages: All, $59.99

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TP Blaster Sheet Storm (Jakks Pacific)

For those who are feeling more like a trick than a treat, toilet paper pranks are a classic Halloween prank. This blaster takes TPing to the next level by turning one roll of toilet paper into more than 350 spitballs! The rapid-fire pump action can blast them more than 40 feet away. Your neighbors will never know what hit them (but maybe aim for their trees). 

Ages: 8+, $39.99

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Swarm Squad (Wicked Cool Toys)

Speaking of pranks… These toys are just a little too realistic with their motorized movement. The six pack comes with a pack of collector cards that contain six fun facts about bugs and prank ideas to get anyone’s skin crawling. Just don’t be upset if they end up in the vacuum! 

Ages: 5+, $39.99

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What’s in the Box (Blip Toys)

This is a game that provides family fun any day, but you can put grape eyeballs, jello brains, and other creepy things inside to bring fun to your next Halloween party. The game consists of a “challenger” and a “contestant.” The challenger places an item in the box and the contestant gets 10 seconds to decide what it is. 

Ages: 4+, $21.99

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Hidden Side Paranormal Bus (LEGO)

Download the Hidden Side app to make the set come to life — or should I say afterlife? Moving the model brings games, mysteries, and ghosts to collect. The school bus boasts a pull-out command center, flip-out toy cannons, and mini-figures. There are two heroes, J.B the tech genius, two haunted figures, AND a ghost dog. 

Ages: 8+, $59.99

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Grimlings (Wowwee)

They’re cute and loveable – until you turn off the lights. As soon as it is dark their heads spin 360 degrees, their teeth jut out, and their eyes beam red. They respond to your touch and voice in frightening or friendly ways depending on their mood. Evil Gigi, Scaredy Cat, Junkyard the Dog and Hip Hop the Bunny are all available (but don’t feed them after midnight). 

Ages: 5+, $14.99

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