Gund provides consumers with a vast array of plush toys for kids of all ages. Items range from soft stuffed animals for newborns to singing bears. Whether kids (or any plush enthusiast!) are looking for something to lull them to sleep, snuggle at night, or interact with directly, Gund has something for everyone.


Peek-A-Boo Elmo, a licensed Sesame Street item, holds a cozy blue blanket to play peek-a-boo with kids ages 18 months and up. When kids press Elmo’s foot, he lifts his blanket over his face while saying several phrases such as “Where are you?” and “There you are!” One of the nicest things about Peek-A-Boo Elmo for parents is that by pressing his foot again, he turns off. I also love that he moves his arms up and down fairly quickly, enhancing the surprise factor for little ones. Elmo’s mouth also moves consistently with what he’s saying. Peek-A-Boo Elmo is programmed to say 13 phrases.

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The Magic Fortune Monkey is like a modern, silly, cute Magic 8 Ball. Kids press the monkey’s hand and ask a yes or no question. When kids press his foot, he responds with one of more than 20 programmed answers, such as “LOL, totes!” “My crystal ball says, NOPE.” or “Maybe, baby!” I like that the answers are in tune with the sayings and slang of today, which is not only amusing but relates to kids. My favorite thing about the Magic Fortune Monkey is his crystal ball. When first turned on and when kids ask a question, the sparkly silver ball lights up from within, changing colors and playing an enchanting magic charm sound.

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The Color Fun Guitar, from the babyGUND collection, is a vibrant plush guitar for kids of all ages. When the battery pack inside is turned on, kids can “play” the guitar by strumming the star on the front, activating the colorful lights and “Old McDonald” tune. Gund also offers a plush drum and a plush xylophone from this collection, giving little ones the chance to start their very own band.

Animated plush is a fun way to engage kids with a soft, snuggly toy.