Grounded for Life from What Do You Meme? might not get anyone grounded, but it could have the whole family rolling on the floor laughing.

It’s not only family-friendly (no inappropriate jokes here!), but it makes it fun for everyone, even older kids (plenty of dumb jokes here!). The name may have you thinking that it will have parents sending kids to their room, but unlike other games of this nature, it’s not wildly offensive at every flip of a card. Some may want to censor slightly offhand jokes and they can easily look at the cards before playing and remove anything that doesn’t fit their family’s humor.

Parents will like that kids can practice their sentence structures and work on their decision-making skills. At the same time, kids will like that they don’t even notice they’re doing these things, they’re just making fun sentences.

One hundred blue cards and 400 red cards are included in the set. You take the blue card and place it down on the table during your turn as the judge. Everyone else (at least two more people) will choose the red card from their hand that they think matches it in the most hilarious way.

As an example, if you get the card “I haven’t showered in days. My friends are saying I smell like _____, which is a compliment to me!” the card “Smelly Guy at the Library” may be a bit on the nose, but could win! The judge will award the person who made them laugh the most by handing them the red card, which acts as a point.

There are enough cards that Grounded for Life can be played many times without it becoming repetitive. Every game is fresh (but not too fresh!) and invites families to laugh together.