Appealing to kids ages 5 and up, Moose ToysGrossery Gang is a putrid property that takes the cake. Featuring characters of the stale, moldy, and sour variety, these collectible food figures exist on toy shelves, the App Store, Google Play, and of course, on YouTube as the stars of their own hit series that serves as an extension of their universe.

Since their inception, Fungus Fries, Horrid Hamburger, Stinky Cheese, Barf Bagel, and Shampoop lived in peace amongst hundreds of their fusty friends in Yucky Mart, a supermarket they have yet to be forced to defend.

Enter the Bug Strike, a coalition of trashy troops looking to wreak havoc on kids’ favorite Grossery Gang characters. Featuring Foot Soldiers, Army Preserves, a Bug Brigade, and more, these invaders mean business. And just like the Grossery Gang that came before them, young ones can collect all 150 Bug Strike figures across four different series, including common, rare, ultra rare, and night ops characters.While Bug Strike introduces parachuting Para Crawlers, SWAT, and more, it also introduces battle-ready groceries that are primed to fight for their own stinky survival. Kids can get their hands on Series 4 Regular Packs, which include four Grosseries and four weapons, or go big with the Series 4 Large Pack and add ten Grosseries and ten weapons to their army. In the heat of battle, collectors can use the included Crusty Catapult and the Cruddy Crossbow to launch their figures into action.When the Grossery Gang needs some extra help on the battlefield, a quick does of Putrid Power will do the trick. The Grossery Gang Dodgey Donut, Fungus Fries, and Putrid Pizza action figures are larger, bolder versions of their tinier counterparts. They feature a fork and knife weapon combo and fully articulating joints for role-play.

For even more fun, kids can soak in all eleven minutes of the official Bug Strike movie, which dropped on YouTube just after Christmas. It’s dramatic, comedic, and perfect fuel for kids’ imaginations. Check it out below:

The battle begins now, are you ready?