Accidentally getting hit in the head has never been so fun. Groovy Wubble, from NSI International, is soft and light — and tie-dye colors make it seem like you’re getting hit with a groovy hug!

The bubble-like ball can be inflated to a far-out 3 feet tall, but 2 feet is the maximum recommended to keep it strong and durable. Throw it, kick it, sit on it — do whatever! It’s very unlikely to pop, but it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty just in case. Every box comes with a patch kit for little holes. For $5 more, you can get a kit that includes a portable pump (batteries not included) and a deflator to make storage a little easier.

Kids are encouraged to play together with Groovy Wubble. They can play in teams to pass it around, or create a game to try to not get hit! Plus, the tubular colors keep the creative ideas flowing.

Kids (and adults) can use it inside or outside. Whatever touches it molds around it and then bounces away. Parents will appreciate that Groovy Wubble offers all the fun of a ball with much less worry about things breaking.

Check it out in action below. We dig it.