StrikeAPoseRGBIf it involves “game night,” count me in! Whether it’s a night in with the family or a great time spent with friends, party games are a great way to bring everyone together—and bring out the laughs. Strike A Pose, an all-new fun freeze-frame party game from R&R Games, is a great way to get the whole group up and moving … and then freezing.

Each round, all but one player (the Guesser) must freeze into a statue depicting one of the people, places, or things on the current card in play. What they will freeze as depends on the number card that they choose from the pile. When everyone is set, the Guesser comes back into the room and tries to decide who’s on after looking at the card. The perfect game for families, friends, and parties, Strike A Pose is designed for three to 14 players, ages 10 and up. The only reason it skews a bit older in the age range is simply due to the need to understand what the things are on each card.

The challenge for the guesser is that many of the actions on the cards could look similar—and a wrong guess could be detrimental to your score. For example, one of the cards is titled “Household Chores” and features a few stand out chores such as “Sew a Button” and “Wash the dishes,” but also a couple that may be difficult to tell apart, such as “Sweeping,” “Vaccuuming,” and “Mow the lawn.” The gameplay, which gets the whole gang up and involved at the same time, is sure to produce tons of laughs and guarantee a good time.