Everyone’s favorite mermaid comes to life with the Under the Sea Surprise Ariel, from Tollytots! Little girls ages 3 and up can play with Princess Ariel in a whole new way. When Ariel is placed in water, her fin lights up, creating a magical rainbow of color. She also sings and says 15 phrases from The Little Mermaid movie in both English and Spanish. Under the Sea Surprise Ariel is a great doll because she also doubles as a water toy. This doll adds a touch of Disney magic. Instead of pressing a button to make her light up, she lights up when placed in the water. She sings and speaks familiar songs and phrases, so little girls’ dreams of playing with one of their favorite princesses can actually come true. (Not to mention, it’s easier to keep bathtime fuss-free when kids have a cool toy to play with!) Another thing I love about Under the Sea Surprise Ariel is that she can also speak in Spanish for bilingual families, or she can serve as a very early introduction to a new language. Ariel also isn’t just for water play—her long locks provide plenty of hair play for dry land as well. Overall, Ariel’s number of magical features make her a dream come true for any little princess.