Be A VTech Princess with the New Enchanted Princess Palace

At the risk of sounding super basic: I. Literally. Cannot. Even.

Here at the Toy Insider offices, we have a bit of a tradition, where everyone is a princess on the inside, and that is celebrated. When you are succeeding, you are immediately dubbed “princess” of that thing. For example, our fabulous editor Maddie runs our Instagram in a super fun way, therefore, holds the title Instagram Princess. The honest truth of it is, if you want to be a royal, you totally can be.

VTech brings out kids’ inner royalty with its branch of the Go! Go! Smart Friends line: Go! Go! Smart Princesses. This adorable line is made up of noble and magical characters that create a new fun world for toddlers and preschoolers. The line consists of new princes and princesses, fairies, a magical unicorn, and amazing play sets, such as the Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace.

And, boy, is it enchanting. First of all, this baby expands up to 4 feet. FOUR FEET. It is everything I’ve ever dreamed of (#meanttoberoyal) in a palace. It has a ballroom, a music room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and an observation tower for each Go! Go! Smart Friend character to explore. The set comes with Princess Darla, who can be placed on any of the five MagicPoint locations. When she is, kids can get acquainted with her friendly personality, see the set light up, and hear her say different phrases. When Darla’s royal friends are visiting, they can interact at the MagicChat tea set table, where they will chat and sing with each other.

Not only is this play set adorable and fun, but it’s also packed with educational aspects (because, VTech!). The palace has a clock with a movable hand so kids can learn how to tell time. There are three light-up buttons that introduce kids to words, colors, letters, and numbers. And that’s not all. Kids can also press those buttons to hear magical melodies and songs to which they can sing along.

While the Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace is packed full of fun and learning, kids can create a whole kingdom using the rest of the characters and creatures from other Go! Go! Smart Friends play sets to create an entire magical kingdom that’s all their own.


18 months+

Manufacturer: VTech
MSRP: 59.99

2 Responses to “Be A VTech Princess with the New Enchanted Princess Palace”

  1. Sharon Caldwell

    Wonderful and very well constructed for little hands! It’s engaging and fun to play. My little 15 month old grand daughter loves the interaction, plus…there are many years of pretend play for her. I want to purchase extra chacters to “complete” her princess castle, although it isn’t necessary for many more hours of fun!

  2. Bridget Benintente

    When I saw this toy I had to get. I kept thinking this is one of the best toys I have ever seen. Vtech hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s educational but so fun to play with. I like that more then one child could play at same time because most sets are not designed for two people play!! I thought the price was excellent. I expected it to be over $100. I have always loved vtech toys and tend to buy them over other brands but this now committed me their brand only!!


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