GlamCrush Crush-It Girls Collection | Source: Jazwares/the Toy Insider

Your kids might be too young to get the full glam treatment, but their dolls can with Jazwares‘ latest glitzy collection: the GlamCrush Crush-It Girls!

This doll line features an interactive unboxing experience full of fabu-luxe surprises that every doll diva will love. The GlamCrush line includes an assortment of 12 Crush-It Girls based on beauty products, such as highlighter, powder, and contour.

Each 3-inch, collectible doll is packaged in a makeup-shaped brush case that kids can push up on the bottom to unbox. The dolls start off with a bare face that reveals a surprise makeup look when swiped with an applicator dipped in cold water. To complete the makeover, kids can crush up the powder inside their Crush-It Girl’s eyeshadow case to uncover a glitzy accessory.

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Camilla Contour, Haley Highlighter, Penny Powder, and the rest of the Crush-It Girl squad are available now for $9.99 each at Target, with a launch at Amazon and Walmart later this spring.