Goal: $25,000
Funding Period: Until Tuesday Dec 8.
Stretch Goal: $60,000
Creator: Shepherd Kit
Adventurer's Kit
There is no better way to get kids excited about history and ancient cultures than to let them explore the days of old themselves, and now there’s a game where they can do just that! Journey through the past and collect artifacts (but look out for the monsters!) with Adventurer’s Kit.

Kids have the chance to explore Asia, Europe, Africa, and The Americas and learn about the people who lived there in the distant past. The relics represented are diverse in location and time period, so players can learn about times and places very different from their own. Adventure with Julia, Jack, and their pets Fluffy and Bean as they make their way through the world in search of artifacts like The Rosetta Stone and The Code of Hammurabi, all while dodging mythical monsters from these regions, like Mummies, Kappas, and the Loch Ness Monster.

The player who collects the most artifacts then has the opportunity to excavate high quality replicas of some of the world’s most famous artifacts from sandpits. This hands on, exciting journey through the past will get kids (and, hey, adults too) excited about the days of old and allow them to let loose their inner adventurer.

Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $5,000 and prizes include Adventurer’s postcards an Adventurer’s Kit, and more. If the campaign reaches its $60,000 stretch goal, then players will get to enjoy additional cards to further enhance the game.

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