Game Night In A Can 5th Anniversary Edition | Source: Barry and Jason

Have you ever heard of a game designed for more than 40 players?

Barry and Jason’s Game Night In A Can — which changed the way that families play games together — is back in a big way this year with a fifth-anniversary edition, featuring even more games and creative fun!

The new prompts and activities require more friendly competition and teamwork for as many as 45 players ages 7 and up. Beyond family game night, the games are perfect for high school sleepovers or a fun night of wine and games without the kids.

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The shiny, gold fifth-anniversary container includes some original favorites, such as competitive flying airplanes and the rump-bumping game Frumpy Bumpers. In Charades of the Lost Ark, players dig deep into their imagination to create a brand-new animal species for the last spot on Noah’s Ark (I think a panda and puppy hybrid is the cutest way to go!). In Bank Face, kids get the satisfying opportunity to bank balls off their sibling’s face before it hits the can for extra points. Winners are awarded either the gold, bronze, or silver medals included in the box.

The 5th Anniversary Edition of Game Night In A Can is available now at for $22.99.