“Hey, Alexa, let’s play Fuzzible Friends.”

Jazwares is bringing plush toys into the future with Fuzzible Friends, a line of snuggly animals infused with Alexa Gadgets technology.

Kids can pair their Fuzzible Friends with a compatible Amazon Echo device and use the Fuzzible skill for Alexa to interact with the plush toy by playing color guessing games, choosing their own story adventures, and more. Kids can squeeze the toy’s left paw to make the antenna light up and begin interacting. Fuzzible Friends speak their own funny languages that kids can translate with the help of Alexa, making more than 40 sounds and 140 translated phrases. There are four Fuzzible Friends in the line, each with their own language, including Cubby the fox, Fluff the bunny, Sparkles the unicorn, and Cuddles the puppy.

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Designed for kids ages 3 and up, Fuzzible Friends only interact with the Amazon Echo with parental permission consistent with COPPA compliance and industry guidelines. The toy does not have a microphone or speaker and does not collect kids’ personal identifiable information. Kids can also play with their Fuzzible Friends offline in other modes when they’re not connected to an Echo device.

Fuzzible Friends are available for preorder starting today exclusively on Amazon for $19.99 each (Amazon Echo not included), with an officially launch date on Nov. 1.