As much as we all love Funko Pop!s and even Funkoverse, the company is diversifying a bit with a new line of toys: Snapsies.

Snapsies were designed for kids to snap together pieces to create a custom and truly unique character. The patent-pending, snap-and-match technology allows kids to add an extra layer of personalization to a diverse lineup of characters, including rock star unicorn Jett, super-athletic mountain goat Billie, and hedgehog baker Boe.

A touchscreen-display retail machine lets kids immerse themselves in the world of Snapsies through video shorts created by Funko Animation Studios. A toy capsule is dispensed from the machine for kids to instantly unwrap, snap, and play.

“Funko is taking our experience in pop culture and entertainment licensed merchandise and bringing it to the toy aisle with an innovative delivery system and product line that will engage kids and increase dwell time at retail,” says Brian Mariotti, Funko CEO.