By now, kids in the U.S. are officially back to school—which means, they are probably armed with tons of new school supplies and awesome new backpacks. But that newness and excitement can wear off quickly! A great way to jazz things up and keep kids excited about the school year ahead is by letting them accessorize and decorate their backpacks.

I remember having keychains on my backpacks while I was in school, but I didn’t realize just how many stylish, fun, and cool options there were until my kids started school. As the kids walk to school, I hear the clanging of these backpack clips and smile. As we’ve collected different ones over the years, it’s been interesting to see which ones stay and which ones switch out.

We’ve always been big fans of Whiffer Sniffers. With so many different options and clever names, these are a hit with kids. The mystery pack is the best part, because my kids love the surprise and possibility of getting a rare one. The fun scents are also great, because their friends want to smell them and check out which ones they have. I have to admit, I love when I walk by their backpacks and get a whiff of blueberry or grape soda.


Etch A Sketch is such an iconic toy, and now there’s one small enough for kids to take with them every day! The best part about the Etch A Sketch keychain is that it doubles as entertainment while the kids are waiting around for the bus.

Let’s not forget about Emoji clips and the Beanie Boos—both are trendy and super fun. We even found emoji clips with pushable sound bites inside. This brings lots of laughs and fun while walking to and from school.

Of course, kids can also add fun buttons or patches to their backpacks featuring fun phrases or their favorite characters. You can even make a clip with some Legos if you’re into DIY fun.

With so many options it’s easy to let the backpacks fill up with fun, but I especially love how these help to set your backpack apart. It’s so much easier to figure out which one belongs to your kids. I also enjoy that I can give them backpack clip for doing a good job or as a surprise, and it really means a lot to them.

How do your kids like to decorate their backpacks?