While parents may be capturing the memories of backyard adventures on their phones, kids can create warm-weather memories with a camera of their own: the Fubbles Bubble Camera.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this innovative bubble machine from Little Kids offers a mix of pretend play and classic bubbles fun. Available in pink and blue versions, the colorful, plastic play camera comes with a container of Fubbles Bubble solution, which goes inside a reservoir on the front of the camera. Younger kids will likely need an adults’ help to get the bubble solution loaded and secured properly to ensure that playtime is more fun and less messy.

The fun really begins when kids push the camera’s shutter button. Instead of capturing a photo, the camera lens will produce a steady stream of bubbles. As the bubbles flow, kids will see the light on top flash, just like a real camera would. Plus, they’ll also get the added bonus of hearing a song and repeated shutter sounds — cue that photoshoot feeling!

There are design elements that make this camera suitable for little hands, including textured ridges on the sides for a good grip. The camera also has two small, plastic loops on its top — tie string to each, and the camera can have a handy neck strap to keep it safe from drops during play.

While this camera does not actually capture images, any aspiring, young photographer will have a blast creating fun memories and chasing bubbles.