The air is getting colder and that means one thing: the sequel to Frozen is almost here.

After six years of anticipation, Anna and Elsa are back with new songs and a new adventure. The Frozen 2 Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke Machine with Party Lightshow, from eKids, adds to the hype featuring an impressive snowflake light display. Kids ages 8 and up are able to sing along to all of their favorite Frozen songs — old and new. 

The machine is CD-, Bluetooth-, and USB-compatible, and parents can download an app to make it voice compatible with Siri or Google Assistant. It does not include the CD, but you can request one via mail using a link inside the box. Prove you’re an adult by answering questions about insurance, and six weeks later it’s yours! When the CD arrives, the karaoke machine includes cables so you can view lyrics on your TV.

Currently, only three songs from the new movie have been released, so I had to (wanted to) listen to “Let it Go” 15 times. I found YouTube to be a great source of karaoke music, but some parents may want to monitor their kids while they search for tunes on the platform. Place your phone on the small included shelf to watch videos and sing along.

Perhaps the best feature of the machine is the light show that plays in tune with the music. In a bright room, it’s almost invisible, but turn off the lights and colorful snowflakes begin to dance on the walls and ceiling. Tones of blue and purple bounce along on the front of the machine.

One microphone is included, but kids can use two for maximum sing-along fun. The volume is controlled through both the phone and the machine. If both are maxed out, it does get pretty loud. Microphone volume is controlled by a separate knob, making singing along with or above Elsa equal possibilities. Plus, there are echo and voice effects for an added theatrical bonus. If parents get the CD, kids can turn the AVC dial to replace the singer’s voice with their own.

Let’s face it: There is nothing stopping kids from singing all their favorite songs from the movies. But there’s nothing like a light show to truly transport kids back to Arendelle.