The R/C 1:14 Scale 4×4 Forza Motorsport Chevrolet Corvette C8 | Source: New Bright

Kids may have to wait until November to play Forza Horizons 5, but they can get zoomin’ now with IRL versions of the cars.

While it might be a while until they have their licenses, New Bright makes the cars accessible for kids with a whole line of Forza R/C cars. Each one in the collection brings the excitement of Forza trail racing right into your driveway or backyard.

The collection is extensive with multiple versions of multiple cars. The 1:24 Scale R/C Forza Motorsport is available as a Corvette Stingray, Mustang Mach 1, and Bugatti Chiron. There’s also an R/C 1:14 Scale 4×4 Forza Buggy and an R/C 1:14 Scale 4×4 Forza Motorsport Chevrolet Corvette C8.

Translation for any non-car people: Cool cars in a compact size.

The 1:24 Scale R/C Forza Motorsport | Source: New Bright

Kids can take the smallest of the three — and also the most wallet-friendly at $11.99 — for trips around the house or around the block. The Forza Motorsport is scaled down to a version that could fit in a backpack, but it also features full-function radio control. Kids can run up to six similar R/Cs interference-free for the ultimate races.

Boasting a bit more power, the Forza Motorsport Corvette C8 features a 7.4V RTR battery that can be charged on any USB port. Kids get ultimate steering control with the all-wheel drive. It’s highly detailed and features an impact-resistant polycarbonate body, distinctive Forza graphics, and working headlights.

The R/C 1:14 Scale 4×4 Forza Buggy | Source: New Bright

The 4×4 Forza Buggy is built for muddier races. It can take on mazes of dust and dirt with all-wheel drive and full-function R/C capabilities at kids’ fingertips. It features huge tires, a metal spring suspension, and a semi-open cockpit. Just like the Forza Motorsport, up to six similar R/Cs can run at the same time interference-free.

Each of the cars in this collection comes with a free one-month subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Gold, so kids can start playing the video game as soon as it comes out. Until then — and even after the game comes out — kids can keep the fun off-screen with this collection!