Fold and Go Beach Set Components | Source: HAPE/the Toy Insider

What do we love most about the beach? The sand, the ocean, the seashells … all of the above?

With the Fold and Go Beach Set from HAPE, babies can gather all the best parts of the beach together in one place! This set is collapsible, compact, and colorfully cute for every little beach-goer to enjoy.

This lightweight beach set comes folded flat in a fish-shaped canvas bag with a long zipper attached to its lower half. It includes a collapsible pail, a sand spade, and a sand mold. The pail is lined with a pink mesh pocket and a handle so kids can easily carry their items to and from the shoreline. And best of all, the pail is made of nylon and waterproof material to help kids carry around water and sand without worrying about spillage. Not to mention, it’s also perfect for building sandcastles!

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To help with the castle-making process, the set includes a small, plastic yellow spade and a blue, fish-shaped mold. The spade is easy for toddlers to grip as they use it to scoop out water or toss shells. Kids can use the mold to make their own school of sandy fish for a beachy, imaginative play experience. They can create their own little sea kingdom on the shore!

When the day wraps up, families can pack these tools within the pail, collapse it, and store everything back inside the canvas bag. Grown-ups will love that the set is easy to handle and light enough for kids to carry on their own, in case they have their hands full with beach chairs and umbrellas.

So bring the Fold and Go Beach Set to your next summer seaside rendezvous. It “shore” is a hit with kids!