Foamo Foam Machine | Source: Little Tikes

Bring the party to your backyard with the Foamo Foam Machine from MGA Entertainment‘s Little Tikes.

Foamo is a portable foam machine that is easy to use and just as easy to pack up, transport, and store. Foamo uses water and a Foamo solution pack to get the party started and get kids diving into mountains of foam within minutes. Parents can fill a 15- x 15-foot space in just five minutes and the included solution can entertain families for up to two hours.

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The foam solution is non-toxic and easy to clean with a damp cloth without having to worry about leftover residue. Kids of all ages can enjoy Foamo worry-free as the solution is also hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Foamo includes its own mount, a storage container, and a .75 gallon of concentrated Foamo solution. Foamo will be available next week at Target and online at,, and Amazon.