Everything can’t be handed to you on a silver platter, especially when it comes to a Flying Sushi Kitchen.

This new game from Redwood Ventures challenges players to become master sushi chefs as they race to correctly fill their sushi orders before time runs out. Oh, and did I mention that players have to catch the sushi while the pieces float in midair? Now, that’s something you don’t see every day.

Flying Sushi Kitchen is a fill-the-food-order challenge game meets Operation meets Elefun (please tell me you remember these classic games?!). The result is a silly, fast-paced game that will have sushi flying left and right. The first person to make $25 in sushi orders by plucking the flying sushi out of the air with the chopsticks wins. Not crafty when it comes to chopsticks? No problem—the game also includes chopstick trainers that players may attach to their chopsticks to make them easier to use.

Before the fun begins, secure the five green air vents into the position on the sushi table, place the order cards face down, and separate the money tokens by color. Then, each player gets a sushi tray and a set of chopsticks.

During each player’s turn, he or she draws an order card from the deck and loads the sushi balls that are pictured on the card onto the Flying Sushi Kitchen. The card will clarify whether it is a regular order—60 seconds to fill—or a rush order—45 seconds to fill. For regular orders, players hit the green button, and for rush orders players hit the red button.

Once the appropriate button is pressed on the sushi kitchen, the sushi balls will instantly fly in the air. Now, the player must try to successfully pluck the balls using the chopsticks before time runs out. This is no easy task. The air vents make the sushi balls vibrate left, right, up, and down, making it difficult to get a good grasp on it with the chopstick. Sushi balls may juuuust escape your grasp, or get knocked off the course of the vents and fall to the floor. If a player manages to successfully fill the order in time, he or she earns the amount of money listed on the card—either $2, $3, $5, or $10. The harder a sushi order is to fill, the more money a player will make if he or she completes it.

Like any good server, players may have the chance to earn a little extra dough through tips. If a player draws a Bonus Tip card, he or she then draws another card and has the chance to earn the money listed on that card AND the tip card. Ca-ching! Additionally, All Play cards require players to fill all five spots on the sushi kitchen, and then compete in a head-to-head battle to collect the most sushi balls before time runs out. The player that manages to pluck the most sushi balls on to his or her tray earns a $5 token. If there is a tie, both players earn the $5 token. 🤑🤑🤑

Players will have to work hard for their money, because along the way, they may draw Challenge cards that add a twist. For example, some Challenge cards may force a player to play their turn without chopstick trainers, or to use their opposite hand while they complete the order.

Basically, Flying Sushi Kitchen is an at-home, way harder version of Chopped. The stakes are high, the tension is higher, but the sushi balls are (literally) the highest!