milano starshipKids can now join Star-Lord on his mission against evil with the Milano Starship, part of Hasbro’s line of licensed Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy toys in preparation for the release of the upcoming film.

The Milano Starship lights up in the front, makes sounds, and shoots missiles from both sides of the ship. There are three different battle sounds, and the lights bring the ship to life. The top hatch also opens up to reveal a cockpit with seats for the Star-Lord figure that comes with the ship, and two other figures of kids’ choice.

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the ship requires some assembly, but it is nothing too complicated (especially for someone such as myself, who is not the most adept at assembling anything that requires more than a screwdriver). The ship also comes with a set of stickers allowing kids to customize the starship, adding to the fun and launching kids into a different galaxy.

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