slime compound toy

Compound Kings Fluffy Cloudz from WeCool Toys is a new, scented spin on slime.

The pre-made compound comes in six different fruity scents that put kids’ senses to work. As kids ages 4 and up play, they’ll smell the delicious scents of Berrycake, Melon Mania, Pineyparty, Peach Paradise, Grape Squeeze, and Cococraze. The texture will also be a fun change-up, as it feels fluffy and cloud-like instead of gooey and runny.  

Kids can pull, poke, press, and mold the super stretchy compound into different shapes for tactile play. Each jar also comes with a surprise fruit charm that matches the slime’s scent. Kids can collect them all to mix, match, and style their Fluffy Cloudz.

Parents and kids can enjoy the slime without having to worry about the mess. Fluffy Cloudz is pre-made, so it doesn’t require any sticky glue or extra liquid adherents to mix and create it. It’s ready to play with and quick to store in the convenient and compact 8-ounce jar.

Clean up after playtime is also easy because kids will have very little residue left on their hands. Only the sweet scent of the slime will remain.

Fluffy Cloudz lets kids stay active as they use their creativity to mold it. Meanwhile, the oddly satisfying feeling of stretching slime can also bring kids relaxation throughout the day.

For only $6.99 per jar, kids — and parents — will get excited to dig their hands into these fruity clouds of slime.