91CX53ItLEL._SL1500_Battle Sheep: Flock to Greener Pastures, the new game from Blue Orange Games, is a fast-moving strategy game that will instantly amuse you.

Designed for kids ages 7 and up, the object of the game is to lead your sheep into battle and fence out the rivaling herds. How to do this? Strategically move your sheep to claim the biggest portion of the playing field by blocking your opponents from moving into your territory.

Each player is designed a sheep color, and four playing fields. First, the players must take turns building the playing field with their tiles. I love that the sheep herders (players) get to create their own game board, rather than simply unfolding one from the box. It is almost like adding another game into the mix—strategically fit your puzzle-piece playing tiles in attempt to be victorious during gameplay.

Once you have blocked all other opponents in when moving your sheep tiles, (be careful because your sheep can only move in a straight line ) you have officially conquered the entire pasture.

Not only is the color of the packaging perfectly —although I am bias because my favorite color is green—the game board and tiles are equally as vibrant. The silly faces of the sheep are a nice touch, and is sure to induce instant laughter and add an extra element of fun to the game.