SuperSlamwichSuper Slamwich is the new fast-flipping card game from Gamewright. The giant, slice-of-bread-shaped cards are dealt evenly to all players facedown. Two to six players take turns flipping their top cards and tossing it onto the center pile, so all players see it at the same time. Players can then slap the pile if they see two of the same cards (a “Double Decker”), two of the same cards separated by one that’s different (a “Slamwich”), or a Thief card. The player that slaps the fastest collects the cards. When you’re out of cards, you’re out of the game, making the player to collect all the cards the winner!

An added twist is thrown in with the Muncher cards. The Muchers force the player to your left to flip the amount of cards that is shown by the number in the top left corner of a Muncher card. If that player can stop the Muncher by flipping the three combinations from regular play, it’s anyone’s game to slap the pile. However, if the Muncher can’t be stopped, the Muncher takes all the cards in the center. The Muncher cards are a great addition of a bit more complex game play for players that are old enough for it, but if it’s a bit too hard for your little ones, the Muncher cards can be removed from the deck until the concept is easier to understand.

Super Slamwich is designed for players ages 6 and up. The super-sized cards are perfect for those in the younger age range, while still providing fun graphics and a unique twists for those that are older. The instructions booklet is clear and easy to follow. Gameplay is easy enough for younger players to understand, while the fast-flipping aspect keeps older players engaged. The packaging for the game—a box shaped like a huge delicious sandwich—is adorable and would grab kids’ (and parents’) attention on a toy shelf.