Fisher-Price My Home Office Playset

If you’re a parent or have little kids in your life, there’s a pretty solid chance that you’ve seen — and likely gotten a chuckle out of — a meme showing a fake Fisher-Price “Work From Home Playset.” In recent weeks, said meme has been all over Facebook and Instagram. It’s funny because it reflects the strange limbo we’re living in right now — a pandemic-fueled era where home is work, home is school, and there really isn’t an “off switch” anywhere to be found.

Now, Mattel is serving up the real deal alongside other preschool role-play sets inspired by grown-up careers and activities.

Fisher Price Roleplay

With Fisher-Price My Home Office, kids can pretend to be sipping their fifth coffee, creating spreadsheets, and unmuting themselves on Zoom calls while simultaneously checking social on the included pretend smartphone. Yes, dogs are even pictured on said phone, because as the internet has shown us, everyone loves seeing dogs on video chats!

Fisher-Price My Home Office

Other new sets include the Baby Biceps Gift SetCutest Chef Gift Set, and Tiny Tourist Gift Set. Now little ones can pretend to work out, learn recipes, and snap pretend photos in the backyard while on their unplanned #staycation, just like mom and dad.

Come to think of it, kids could even combine these to whip up an awesome pretend recipe, take a pretend photo for the pretend ‘Gram, and then follow it up with another imaginary #fitnesschallenge shot to work it off!